Quality Laboratory

Sensitive productions are made within the scope of international standards and customer special requests. Our production capabilities, product performances are documented by the quality certificates we have received and customer audits. Our products are sent to all continents around the world and are produced to meet country-specific standards.

In line with the principle we have determined, we continue to provide the best service in terms of quality in our products made in our fully integrated facility.

Our company, which has IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 quality management system certificates, carries out and inspects its quality management processes with integrated management systems.

Our New Product Commissioning process is carried out by expert staff, and customer demands are examined and evaluated in detail. During the commissioning process of the New Product, the proposals are examined by the project team, which is collected specifically for the project, and the needs such as investment plans, control fixture, apparatus and personnel are determined, and project investments are made.

Input Inspection and Process Quality

Input quality control criteria are determined, and controls are carried out for materials that are determined at the project stages and have an impact on the product and production. Control results are recorded through our software system. The use of materials without input quality control approval in production is systematically prevented.


The traceability of the raw materials used, materials within the scope of input quality control and all processes from production to shipment on the basis of raw materials, auxiliary materials and operator are systematically monitored.

Surface Treatment Laboratory

In our anodizing and electrostatic powder coating facilities in our factory, productions are made in accordance with Qualicoad and Qualanod specifications. Surface treatments are applied to products used in the automotive industry, furniture industry, white goods, construction industry and other industrial areas.

In our laboratory, IATF 16949 Automotive Quality Management systems standards are applied.

Our Surface Treatment Laboratory has the capacity and competent personnel to meet international standards. Our laboratory processes have proven their competence with the documents they received and customer audits.

Our processes and products are guaranteed by laboratory control and analysis.

In our laboratory; In order to guarantee the accuracy of the productions and the surface treatment life, more than 100 tests and analyzes are performed daily in the anodizing and powder coating facility.

Our company, which is sensitive to the environment; fulfills ROSH and REACH requirements.

In our laboratory, employee health is always prioritized. Accordingly, our working rules, protective equipment and laboratory environment conditions have been established within the framework of OHS rules.

R&D Laboratory

In our R&D laboratory within our factory, studies on subjects such as aluminum billet grain structure, micro hardness, production efficiency are carried out. Studies are carried out within the scope of TUBITAK projects.


Other Production Areas

Aluminium Forging Facility

Aluminum Composite Panel

Mechanical Process

Powder Coating Facility




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