Istanbul Offices:

In our Istanbul head office building, we continue to serve with our domestic and international aluminum profile sales, Composite sales, Architectural Systems Sales, P & D, accounting, finance and corporate communication departments.

Ergene Facility:

Our production facility is established on an area of 330.000 m² (95,000 m² is closed) in Misinli / Ergene / Tekirdağ region.

Our production has been actively continuing here since 2014.

In addition,6,000,000 m2 of aluminum composite panels are produced in our facility with an annual extruded aluminum profile capacity of 103,000 tons.

Russia Facility:

Thanks to its investments in Russia since 2006, Sistem Alüminyum has enlarged its business share in the international market. Our facility is located in the city of Krymsk, Krasnodar Territory; The enterprise is one of the five largest factories of the Russian Federation in its industry in terms of production capacity.

In the facility with its indoor area of 35.000 square meters, there are

• 25.000 tons of aluminum profile production capacity per year with 5 presses,

• Static Powder Coating line with an annual capacity of 11.000 tons,

• And a billet casting plant with an annual capacity of 50.000 tons.

Our foundry department features two melting furnaces with a capacity of 20 tons, a Wagstaff Shurcast Airslip Dualijet and a homogenization system with a capacity of 40 tons.

Thanks to its professional staff and high quality production, our facility in Russia has become one of the leading entities in the region.