The products produced in our anodizing plant are under European QUALANOD certification and TSE guarantee with their properties such as product life, UV resistance, color non-fading.

Our production facility has the latest technology and profiles between 2 and 7,5 meters are processed in our process.

Besides our standard colors, nickel, bronze, Brown and yellow color studies are performed in the available color pools.

Our anodizing plant is not the leading surface treatment plant in the sector with its annual capacity of 24.000 tons and fully automated system. Our company, which is environmentally sensitive, meets the requirements of ROSH and REACH.

Hard Anodizing Facility:

The weight of hard anodized aluminum profiles and parts is approximately times less than stainless steel. In addition, processing effort and cost is more advantageous than stainless steel. Therefore; It is preferred to use hard anodized aluminum materials especially against abrasive liquids, machine surfaces and parts, defense industry, aviation and automotive.

What can we do in our part anodizing facility?

  • 20 mm - 3500 mm long profiles,
  • Chemical glossy and semi-gloss profiles,
  • All shades of tin nickel colors,
  • Dip colors and all paint colors,
  • Hard anodizing and normal anodizing processes in the range of 5 - 80 ┬Ám

The Color Chart:

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Other Production Areas