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Sistem Aluminum introduced its new series at the Eurasia Tuyap 2020 fair


Sistem Alüminyum has introduced its systems and its new product F50-Energy Covered Facade system at the 2020 Eurasia Window and Door Fair.

Sistem Alüminyum, which manufactures aluminum profiles and sandwich composite panels, appeared before its customers with its new series this year.

Sistem Alüminyum, which has been working in the extrusion aluminum profiles and building materials sector for more than 25 years in the aluminum sector, participated in the Eurasia Window and Door Fair, one of the most important events in the sector.

Sistem Aluminum introduced its new series at the Eurasia Tuyap 2020 fair


The brand, which took part in the Eurasia 2020 Window and Door Fair held at TÜYAP Istanbul Fair and Congress Center between March 4-7, when many players from the sector took part, introduced its existing series and new products here.

Sistem Alüminyum stood out at the fair with its new product F50-Energy Covered Facade system. The most important feature of the F50-Energy Covered Facade system, which offers advantages to its investors and users with its technical features, is its contribution to energy efficiency. During the fair, the brand, which attracted great attention from domestic and foreign visitors, made a name for itself with its systems.

Sistem Aluminum, which has carried out important works abroad as well as in the country, makes its name mentioned with the value it attaches to its employees. Sistem Aluminum, which has added many disabled employees to their families with the "Employment of Disabled Employee Employment" program implemented in 2018-2019, is among the leading companies contributing to the employment of the country. Sistem Aluminum was awarded by Tekirdağ Provincial Directorate of Labor and Employment Agency for the disabled employees it employed within the scope of the "Employment of Disabled Employees" program.